Friday, 5 October 2012

Goodbye September!
My bad month for this year..
For the whole September, I was sick..
Fever..medicine allergic..blood test..suspect hypertension..
Penat asik kena jumpa doktor jer
Cuti dan cuti lagi...asek masuk ofis lewat..
Kadang-kadang kena 1/2day..bos pun dah mula main jeling-jeling..
Semoga semuanya akan berakhir :-(

Hye October!
Welcome my bad month for the last year..
For this year hope October give me some smile..more and more smile!
Already give a big smile...i got my 1st niece on 1st october 2012..
Welcome to the world Baby Zahra...Maksu love u soooo much!
Hope for another days in October, have a great days for me...
Not only in October..but for all the time... :)

But..everything still in my mind..
Everything..every single thing...

Oh! October please..please...pleaseeeeeeee
Please be nice to me...

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