Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Since one of my BFF will be marry this becoming weekend, so we decide to going out together
Only 4 of us but it's so hard to make all to join the 'makan-makan' time
It's ok laaa....yang penting pada hari bahagia beliau kitorg semua ada di samping dia...

Layan jer gambar ronggeng Cik Salmah ni yerrr...

 Mushroom Soup ni not recommended...huhu

 Cala-cala for me! best...

 Citrus Mint for Mak Nana...

 Blue Ice for bakal perantin...Cikja!!

 Mak Nana

 Cikja's Dish..

 Ini juga...

 Bakal perantin...Cikja!!!

 Mak nana n Me...Fish n Chip the best!

Haruslah ada gambar tuan tanah..hehe

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