Saturday, 30 July 2011


Remember the song by Doris Day???

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.

Yes! Our future bukan kita yang tentukan
Segalanya ketentuan Tuhan
But harus ada usaha untuk mencorakkan masa depan...

1 week at Sabah
I has forgotten all my sadness
The love story became calm down
And my heart also become normal
But not a totally normal

But I cant lie my heart
For all 1 week I never miss him
It's lie!
I miss him but not for all the time
It's maybe becoz I really enjoy the holiday with family

Oh...for my 2nd day at Sabah
He just SMS me
To remind for not forget to buy a sourvenir
For him and her
And surprisely, I can accept it
And just answer yes to him
No jealous at more...

My heart become free
So calm...

And when I back from Sabah
I see him and talk much...
And I noticed that I can accept all this
The feeling slowly go...
Actually the love feeling not totally remove from my heart
But it's starts moving...moved

But I know people can talk what they want
About me and him
But only me and God know what I really feel
Actually the feeling not easy to let go
Not easy to clear from my heart
But it was the best I can do
To avoid him, I'm not so sure...I cant!
But slowly to remove the feeling...I can try...!
I must!!!

But what the people around me keep telling me
And I also noticed it
"Semakin menjauhi, semakin dekat dia pada saya"
But I stick my heart
To let go the love feeling
But not let go from him as friend
Because I cant totally lost him...I cant..!

After a few days I back from Sabah
I'm so confused
Confuse with my heart, my feeling
Hurmmm.... :(

Tuhanku...berikan aku petunjuk dan hidayahMu...bantulah aku dalam menentukan arah tuju kehidupan aku...berikan aku ketetapan iman, kekuatan semangat dan kecekalan hati dalam menempuh segala ujianMu ini...Amin...

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